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A mysterious and hidden city harbors the worlds greatest secret - a flower that heightens the senses and traits of those who ingest it, and in some cases, gives them a little more than that. This is the tale of three clans at odds - as each has a different intention for the flowers fate. Join Shinobi as he tries to save his city, and perhaps the world!

The Setting

A mystical centuries-old walled city, unknown to any modern map, surrounded by misty fog and dense forest. This is Horai. A small village stuck in the past, under the rule and direction of their Daimyo. The ways of ninja are still the focus in this lost city, as their sole line of defense and protection from the outside world. 

The Reason

Horai is the only known place in the world to grow, cultivate, and harvest 'the flower'. An otherwise unknown species that imbues mystical powers and short term abilities depending on how it's used. The leadership of Horai know how precious this little gem is, and guard it with their lives, and the lives of every citizen within the walls.  

The Warriors

The protective forces of Horai are now drawn into three clans, each with very different philosophies. This puts them at odds with one another, even if they have the same goal - that is to protect the flower at all costs. 


Dec 2023 Factory Update

Our factory sent samples of a random assortment of parts, making sure to include one of every unique piece, to ensure we were happy with the molds and tooling. These are not final figures, but do represent every piece we have had tooled for Hidden Force, with some of the paint applications to assure quality. Needless to say, we are very happy!


Update March 2024

Aside from the figures, we've added 4 accessory kits to the product listing: Combat Stands, which includes our posing wedge, for dynamic figure posing. Dominant Force, a selection of weapons for Clan Aka that have been forged with a mixture derived from the flower to give supernatural properties. Leading Edge, a selection of weapons for Clan Sabo that have been forged with an elixir derived from the flower for healing and defensive properties. And Battle Weary weapons - weapons that have all seen many battles and are dinged up, blood stained, and otherwise worn. 

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