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The Whiskeyjack

Once upon a time...

  Darren was a quiet kid. Fun, funny, playful, but mostly he kept to himself, finding the hubbub of the regular world to be a bit too much in his early years. 

  To help him understand the complexities of the grown up world, he would re-enact his day, or interactions, or items he heard on the news, or tv in general. Re-enacting it out with his action figures, at his pace, to fully digest the nuances, implications, and emotion of that difficult world.

  He became a passionate action figure enthusiast throughout his life, with reverence for how much they helped him process and cope as a child.  

  As an adult, he would be diagnosed as ADHD, which made everything make sense looking through that retroactive lens.  

  He decided many, many years ago that all he wanted to do was create action figures, for those kids that struggled a bit, just like he did. He wanted to put those story-telling vehicles literally in the hands of the children that needed them. 

  After a few false starts, and 6 successful years working the kinks out in his previous small toy company, he's ready to present his lifes work - in the form of 100's, if not 1000's of action figures to come. 

  And he thanks each and every one of you for being part of it. 

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